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Medicare Update: What to do about Annoying Medicare Marketing Vultures
(LISTEN - Audio transcript from video)  In this vlog I share my opinion on the Medicare Marketing Vultures that surface[...]
Medicare Update 2022 Plan B Rate & Deduction Increases
(LISTEN - Audio transcript from video) Today I’m talking about Medicare rate and Part B deductible changes for 2022.  So what does[...]
Medicare AEP Annual Election Period
(LISTEN - Audio transcript from video)Your mailbox is full, the TV ads are running and endless Facebook and Instagram ads[...]
Protect Yourself from Free Mask Offer for Medicare Number Scam
As a AHIP Certified Medicare Advisor I was notified by the medicare.gov regarding this Scam Alert and now I am[...]
Buy Some Guaranteed Income
Thinking about diversifying a portion of your portfolio into something safe and guaranteed? Here's what Susie Orman has to say[...]
Is the Coronavirus infecting your money?
This might be the time to look at finally diversifying a portion of your portfolio into something safe. My clients[...]
Annuities are coming to 401(k)s
The SECURE ACT will make it possible for employer-sponsored plans to add insurance products to their retirement plans.The SECURE ACT[...]
Protect Yourself from Social Security Scams
As a certified Social Security Advisor I was notified by the Social Security Administration regarding this Scam Alert and now[...]
The 401(k): Robbing Americans for 40 Years Now
​Why the 40th birthday of the 401(k) is nothing to celebrateThis article from Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad (sold[...]
How to Stay North When the Market Goes South
Today I spoke with several clients and friends and most of them lost money in the market...again. So how do[...]
Travel Health Coverage
Travel Plans? Don't Forget to Check Your Medicare Health Coverage!Summer is around the corner and vacations and getaways are being planned.[...]
New Medicare MOON Rule
New Medicare MOON Rule for Retirement Planning in 2018Many of my Medicare clients have had questions about the changes in[...]
Spring Ahead Prevention
Spring Ahead with Medicare Preventive Services in RetirementSpring is in the air with the sights, smells and sounds of renewed[...]
New Medicare Cards for 2018
New Medicare ID Cards Coming April 2018!Beginning in April 2018, a new Medicare ID card will be mailed to more[...]
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is an affordable way to help your loved ones with your final expenses such as medical[...]
Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance provides permanent protection with flexibility to meet life’s constant financial challenges. With varying premiums and the proper[...]
Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance offers permanent protection for a powerful way to protect your family with premiums which do not increase[...]
Term Life Insurance
What is Term Life Insurance? Term Life Insurance is a good starting point when deciding on affordable options for you and[...]
Life Insurance Basics
Life insurance is a good place to start when you want to provide financial security for you and your family.[...]
What is Long Term Care?
Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance can help protect your assets from being used for care and maximize your options for care[...]
What Are Annuities?
Annuities can be a paramount way of saving for retirement. They are designed to assist in reaching long term financial goals[...]
Medicare Health Plans
The Basics of MedicareBefore taking the big step in enrolling in Medicare, a little education can go a long way.An[...]
Social Security Maximization
Social SecurityThe most common question for pre-retirees is - when do I take my social security benefits?When it comes to Social[...]
Bad Advice From SSA (Social Security Administration)
Widows Got Bad Social Security Claiming Advice From SSA: IG ReportMisinformed Social Security filings resulted in about $131.8 million in[...]
Do I Need Life Insurance?
Life insurance has several purposes. Its most important function is to replace the earnings that would cease at the death[...]
Get a Bigger Social Security Benefit
How to Get a Bigger Social Security Retirement Benefit  1Many people decide to begin receiving early Social Security retirement benefits. In[...]
Changes to Social Security Claiming Strategies
Changes to Social Security Claiming Strategies  1 The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 included a section titled "Closure of Unintended[...]
Alternatives to Safeguard Your Money from Recent Market Crash
After the most recent major correction in the stock market, there is a safe alternative to seriously consider; Fixed-Indexed Annuities.[...]
It’s not too late to maximize Social Security benefits
A look at how some couples can still use the ‘file and suspend’ strategy and other issuesQuestion: I will be[...]
It’s Easy to Find Life Insurance
Finding the right life insurance policy can seem like a daunting and pricey task. 80% of Americans overestimate the cost[...]