March 5

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance provides permanent protection with flexibility to meet life’s constant financial challenges. With varying premiums and the proper account value, Universal Life Insurance offers the financial security that can work for you and your loved ones.

Death Benefit
In the event of your death, Universal Life Insurance provides permanent coverage to protect your family. Many Universal Life policies also offer an option to guarantee the death benefit with continued premiums being paid so that there is peace of mind knowing your family will continue to be protected.

Flexible Premiums
In the event that your monthly finances can change, Universal Life Insurance can provide flexible premium payment options to allow for extra payments if you like or lesser payments if needed depending on the account value and ability to pay the monthly administrative and insurance fees.

Build Account Value
Universal Life Insurance allows you to borrow from the policy to supplement additional life events such as college or retirement as the policy may accumulate account value depending on the chosen premium.

Protect Your Loved Ones
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