November 9

Medicare Update: What to do about Annoying Medicare Marketing Vultures


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In this vlog I share my opinion on the Medicare Marketing Vultures that surface during the AEP (Annual Election Period) time of year and what you can do about it.


I'm here to talk to you a little bit more about Medicare and this time of year called AEP which is annual election period and the scammers that are going to try and get into your head and try and steal away your business and steer you towards something that isn't true.

Annual Enrollment Period
Oct 15th - Dec. 7th

And the marketing activities of people who are very unethical about this calling you and telling you you have better options better things that are available and perhaps you do but for the most part if you're happy with your plan or you're going into a plan you don't want somebody misleading you just to get your business for a sale.

I don't operate that way! I look at things completely different and try and be very transparent and uphold a high level of ethics. I'm not here for the sale. I'm here to help you because this is a lifelong activity for you when you move into the Medicare world.  If you have any questions or you're getting inundated- and every year a lot of clients call me and say I'm getting all these calls, and I'm get all this stuff in the mail and I'm getting texts and I'm making me question do I have the right plan?

My first question is, has the plan been working for you? Typically they say that's working great with no problems at all. I say it is just the scammers, the vultures that are out there trying to get your business and it happens every year at this time. Unfortunately I can't do anything to stop it but if you do need help you do have questions, this is the time of year you can leave a comment below or you can email me text or call and I'd be happy to help you.

Hopefully this information and video will help you or someone you know.

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