March 2

Is the Coronavirus infecting your money?


This might be the time to look at finally diversifying a portion of your portfolio into something safe. My clients this week did not lose a dime in their safe money accounts because of the way we have it set up.

Transcription from Video: (easier to watch the video)

Hello there Craig Colley  here again. Today we are talking about the Coronavirus. Is it infecting your money? now once again I'm here to not alarm you but to arm you. I'm gonna make three quick points.

Number one: the stock market. this is a stock tracker on my phone that I track every day and every day this week has been all red across the board. So if you have money in the market the majority of what you have made from the beginning year has been wiped out at this point and continues to decline. something to consider. not a good place to be a lot of people will say buy and hold but do you want to buy and hold and lose ever?  my clients don't 

Number  two:  this virus they say is affecting three major industries; travel, investments and life insurance. there are many things to consider when it comes to that along with the tariff wars and this is a presidential election year. so lots of all the things going on.

Number three: this might be the time to look at finally diversifying a portion of your portfolio into something safe. my clients this week did not lose a dime in their safe money accounts because of the way we have it set up.

You're going to have some things  throughout your lifetime with bills and expenses like taxes, utilities, health care costs, insurance premiums they're never going to go away. we can construct a plan so the essentials are taken care of and that's what I've done with many of my clients. I'm offering that to you today to finally take a look at it. It will only take a few minutes by just clicking the link below. This way you can actually be more aggressive in your other investments because you'll have safe money management for the essentials that you're going to need going forward. 

It's the time to check it out. click the link below. don't put it off again and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Let's not let that coronavirus infect  your money. let's quarantine it. who knows when a solution  is going to come.  We hope and pray it comes soon but in the meantime there are many things you can do to prepare and I encourage you to do so.Until that time I hope to speak with you soon. take care,  God bless and have a great day.

Interested in learning more about retirement income through annuities? Please contact me and I will clearly explain what options are available. FYI: remember you do not need to have a 401k to have a tax deferred annuity. Please share with your family and friends. Contact me with any questions or concerns.

As always, plan wisely my friends,

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