March 16

Why can’t we just call the kettle black?


I am in a business that seems to have fallen into the same undesirable, necessary evil, distasteful category as the TSA, lawyers, dentists and the DMV... that is until you need them.

It must be true because so many people in my industry are coming up with names and descriptions to disguise and re-label it from what it actually is. For example, concepts and strategies for growth and preservation of wealth, huh? What is that supposed to mean? Or strategies to address life planning challenges, what?

In this case, I'm going to call the kettle black. As a licensed insurance agent I offer financial services and sell insurance. According to various industry reports and experts, you can't lead with it because it turns people off. Well, I never thought finance and insurance was attractive enough to turn someone on. Most people know they need it just as much as other services I've previously mentioned. Without it, you and others you care about will definitely know what life planning challenges are when a crisis, accident, critical illness or death occurs.

Most of us know someone who's gone through a loss or tragic experience and usually our first question is, did they have insurance? Second question; why didn't they have insurance? Third question; what were they thinking? Fourth question; if I was in that same situation do I have adequate coverage? And a final comment, if they had only spent a little money on an insurance policy, they could have saved themselves from a lot of additional pain, trouble and financial hardship.

So, go ahead and call the kettle black.


When you're ready to say I need help with insurance and a financial plan for retirement please give me a call.

Craig Colley
(949) 216-8459
CA Lic. #0I48609


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