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100 Ways To Boost Your Virtual Business


Coliday Course & Coaching:
Learn More about Eazy VB An Online Course to Help you Scale Your Virtual Business
‘HOT 100 WAYS’ CHECK LIST From the Eazy VB Online Course

The ‘HOT 100’ ways, items, tasks listed below are also available as a part of the Coliday Online Course:  Eazy VB. Your knowledge and application of every item will help you scale your business. If any of this is unfamiliar, there is a good chance you are missing valuable opportunities to advance your business practice, increase productivity and boost your bottom line.

With Eazy VB you’ll learn how to:

1.Create/update a responsive https (secure site) WordPress website with clear messaging and multiple ‘call to action’ buttons
2.Create framework, color, fonts, graphics, videos and personal brand
3.Create a headline or opening statement that clearly defines your business, what problem it solves for your customer and identifies you as the ‘go to’ authority
4.Brands you as an expert without boasting about yourself and your services
5.Create SEO descriptions (the text Google search displays about your website), targeted content, analytics, pixels, keywords, phrases and hashtags used by Google to index and rank your site
6.Pop-up messaging to collect lead generation emails, i.e. free download, link to video, newsletter and automate to email drip list campaign
7.Chat box for instant communication/problem solving, relationship building and lead generation

1.Deliver emails that stand out in a sea of mediocre messaging
2.The best way to use a thesaurus and targeted copy for better content creation
3.Clean an email list before uploading to your email service (verify email)
4.Warm up IP addresses and avoid getting blacklisted for spam
5.Automated email campaigns with auto responders, tracking and re-send capabilities
6.Automatically send 5-way email subject line testing & deliver the winning email automatically
7.Add emails from your inbox to your drip list that usually go un-used
8.Create sophisticated email auto-flows; 5, 10, 15 in succession and drip list
9.Use Zapier for communication between different email, web, CRM services
10.How to use multiple email services at the same time and why
11.What to do with email opt outs
12.Use private proxies and why

1.Automate appointment setting
2.Automate reminder and follow up emails/text messaging
3.Add time frame to appointment
4.Blackout dates
5.Link to your Google, iPhone, etc. calendar automatically
6.Get reminders on your computer / devices

1.Add a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th line to your cell phone using your existing account. Separate calls/text messaging (business / personal). Also useful for market research.
2.Add contacts using the ‘Eazy VB Proprietary Digital Filing System’

SMS: (Text Messaging)
1.Track results: receive SMS notice when your email has been opened and clicked in real time
2.Once notified, do instant follow up with engaged prospects - call, text, email, send personalized follow up video
3.Use SMS group blasts messaging with tracking & opt out option
4.Share a link from your email blast, video, newsletter, website page or blog

1.Create meaningful and concise content
2.Create simple templates that are eazy to re-use, update, maintain and track
3.Create graphic headers that help your messaging
4.Get eyeballs on your messaging via a headline, survey, quiz, video, image, GIF or quote
5.Auto re-send follow ups to opens, clicks and video plays & non-opens in groups or one on one
6.Automate welcome message for new prospects / clients
7.Create call to action links that get clicked and tracked
8.Ask questions that get answered via emails, SMS, html inserts and hyperlinks on your website and social media pages on surveys and quizzes
9.Track and use results for precise follow up conversations and future marketing

1.Create site headers (banners at top of page) and simple templates for ads with multiple versions for all social media platforms
2.Automate posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
3.Add and automate 1st comment to Instagram
4.Send to all platforms simultaneously
5.Hashtag resources and applications

1.When, where and how to use video messaging in text, emails and posts
2.Create videos that help your open & click engagement
3.How to look and sound better in your one-off videos
4.Record video emails on my phone, tablet or computer, send and have the capability to receive, track and instantly follow up in real time via text, phone call and email
5.Record video on your computer/phone for immediate delivery/ follow up with the capability to receive, track and instantly follow up in real time via text, phone call and email
6. Upload and save videos for future use
7.Make videos in formal and informal settings to humanize the experience

1.Automate the invite and follow up process and customize settings
2.Video screen shares and zoom type meetings and record for playback/sharing
3.Make yourself look and sound better on your screen shares and zoom meetings
4.Use green screen, simulated background replacement and change backgrounds in real time
5.Prepare custom branded backgrounds
6.What lighting, microphone, camera to use
7.Set up video, audio and your environment for the best streaming and recording results
8.Record and upload meeting for replay and on demand viewing
9.Link to your appointment calendar

1.Create, market, automate schedule and reminders, host, record and deliver on-demand
2.Camera, microphone, lighting, setting, posture, body language, facial expressions and gestures
3.Green screen, background, backdrop, controlled environment, turn off cell phone/ringers
4.Use wired connections when possible (internet, microphone, headset, camera etc.)
5.||: Practice, record, watch, repeat :|| until confident in the delivery of your presentation

VIDEO: (Advanced)
1.Import, create and deliver great video content
2.High-end video animations you can make and use in 5 minutes - not 5 hours
3.Re-size images, Gifs and video for optimal playback on the web and portable devices
4.Use Final Cut Pro (Mac only), Premier or free online editors (Mac & PC)
5.Insert yourself as an overlay on a screen share to pre-recorded webinar/info video (logi capture)

1.Update OS (Operating System) and backup computer & devices
2.Protect computer from viruses
3.Install Software Updates
4.How to use your iPad as a second or third monitor
5.Use a wireless trackball for better efficiency
6.Working virtual, what to take to a face to face appointments
7.What to take with you when traveling to work remotely
8.How to use voice command to dictate content instead of typing on PC, Mac and devices
9.Use ‘read aloud’ in Word / Google Docs to read text for proofing copy

1.Make yourself more human in a digital / virtual environment
2.Creating a well-crafted compelling story and how to prepare and practice your delivery
3.Become a valued guide - not the "Know It All" or "Look How Smart I Am" so called "Expert"
4.Blanket your communication on different platforms and automate delivery and follow ups
5.Identify, target and deliver your message to a specific demographic (One size fits all doesn’t work)
6.Add additional communication software, audio and video tools to increase your success when reaching out to current and new prospects

1.Add a chat box to your website/sales or landing page with instant notification and response capability on your computer and devices. Also available on mobile devices.
2.Screen capture images and record simple "how to" or "tech problems" video screen shares quickly, mockup with text, arrows, blurs, save to remote server and share a link for free - use for clients/IT support
3.Create 3D PDF, guides and report book and device covers in pings and jpegs
4.Presentation calculators to use to illustrate with webinars/screen shares
5.Create or optimize images/video and gifs for faster open rates on websites and messaging
6.Appointment calendar
7.Faxing PDFs from your computer
8.Source for royalty free images, audio, sound effects and video clips
9.Hashtag help, creation and compilation lists
10.Email blast services
11.Coupon checker for discounts on software, hardware etc.
12.Google docs
13.Free templates for PowerPoint/Google Docs

And that is 100 Ways to Boost your VIRTUAL bUSINESS

Coliday Course & Coaching:
Click here to Learn More about Eazy VB An Online Course to Help you Scale Your Virtual Business


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