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Eazy VB - The Eazy Way to Create a Virtual Business

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About this course

Module 1: Virtual Platform Blueprint

The goal of this module is to enable you with the tech & tools and knowledge to launch your virtual business. You will be able to begin the transformation from your current business model to a virtual & mobile digital platform. 4 Steps To Launch:

  1. OVERVIEW and FOCUS: The basic technology and essential tools to build your virtual business, (which I will refer to as your "office" or "workplace" throughout the course). No matter what your level of tech literacy, the course is designed to be easily implemented and applied to your business. 
  2. SOFTWARE and HARDWARE: The tech Stuff. Review of the software and hardware used in the Eazy VB system.
  3. PAPERLESS BUSINESS: The transition from your current office/workplace set up to a virtual platform.
  4. CREATE A VIRTUAL BUSINESS: Implementing hardware and learning the the fundamental software to create your first prospect / client profile and launch your virtual business.

You may already be familiar with many of the software/hardware suggestions (and others) in your current setup. If so, that is great. Once again, the Eazy VB course suggestions are what I use and what I will show you in this course.

If you do not have all the suggested software and hardware, you can still implement the majority of the techniques on any laptop or desktop. This system works on either PC or Mac or a combination of both.

You’ll also see many "TIPs" throughout the course. 

TIP: Starting with the next lesson I will be using the various video software tools I actually use daily and recommend in this course. I do this to show you exactly what the sharing capabilities are, how they look to the end user and a glimpse of what you will be able to expect, create and incorporate into your virtual business.First, we’ll talk about the technology- the software and hardware you’ll need to make this happen. So let’s get started.

* Disclaimer : This course serves as an educational guide only. It is not a course on how to get rich or gain wealth and makes no guarantee of success. It is is not intended to provide any financial, compliance, security, privacy, health, tax, insurance or legal advice. Please consult any and all organizations, carriers and companies, HR and legal departments regarding their policies in these areas. All products and services are listed for reference only and use of such is the sole responsibility of the end user. Some products and services listed or mentioned in this course are affiliate partners.

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Course Structure

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9 Chapters

Module 1 - Virtual Business Blueprint

By the end of Eazy VB Course, module 1, you will have all the virtual workplace technical and organization basics set up to begin using the system in your business.

Chapter 1: Virtual Business Blueprint 4 Lessons

Module 1 Overview

Brief overview of Module 1 which covers  a blueprint of the software, hardware, organizing your workplace and creating your first prospect/client profile. By the end of this module you will have learned the basics to get your virtual business up and running. 

Software Review & Recommendations

Detailed list of recommended software and service providers for creating your virtual workplace. 

Hardware Review & Recommendations

Detailed list of recommended hardware & accessory providers for creating your virtual workplace. 

Setting Up Your Workplace

How to design, declutter and organize your workplace.

Chapter 2: Paperless Business 1 Lesson

Paperless Business

How to create and organize folders and files on your hard-drive and scan documents correctly for archiving and and easy reference.

Chapter 3: Create a Virtual Workplace 1 Lesson

Set up your Browser

Create a web browser profile, tabs, history, filing and bookmark system to sync with all your devices.

Chapter 4: How to use OneNote 4 Lessons

OneNote Overview

How to use OneNote. This software is the foundation of the tech & tool system.

OneNote – Notebook & Pages

How to create notebooks, sections and pages.

OneNote – Text & Draw

How to enter data/info into a page.

OneNote – Additional Notes & Tips

How to edit, insert, copy, duplicate and discover tips to use the software more effectively in your insurance business.

Chapter 5: How to Use Adobe Acrobat Pro 5 Lessons

Adobe Acrobat Pro Overview

Learn the basics of an advanced PDF software and how to integrate its capabilities in your business.

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Computer Overview

The basics of  to use the computer (desktop / laptop) version of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Computer – Top Menu

How to use the desktop / laptop top menu.

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Computer – Main Menu

How to use the desktop / laptop main menu.


Adobe Acrobat Pro – Computer – Side Tabs

How to use the desktop / laptop top side menus.

Chapter 6: Adobe Acrobat Pro - iPad Overview 4 Lessons

Adobe Acrobat Pro – iPad Overview

Learn the basics of using PDF software on a iPad and how to integrate its capabilities in your business.

Adobe Acrobat Pro – iPad – Main Page

How to use the iPad with main page menu s & icons.

Adobe Acrobat Pro – iPad – Open Document Menus

How to use the iPad open document menus.

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Blue Writing Icon

How to use the iPad with Blue Icon options (bottom right). 

Chapter 7: Adobe Scan 1 Lesson

Scanning from Tablet / iPhone

How to easily capture and convert documents, forms, business cards, and whiteboards into high-quality PDFs.

Chapter 8: Create a Client Profile 2 Lessons

Create your first Prospect / Client

Put the system into action and launch your Virtual Workplace.

Adding Images, PDFs & URL Links

How to insert images, PDFs, links, shares and mobilize your workplace.

Chapter 9: Completion Of Module 1 1 Lesson

Completion of Module 1

Review of Module 1 and steps to start next Module,