Affordable Life, Medicare & Guaranteed Income Insurance You Can't Afford To Be Without

We help you select the right coverage at the best price with confidence. 
Our systems are sophisticated, but our solutions make your choices simple.

Everyone Deserves Access to Quality Life, Health and Guaranteed Income Insurance

But there's always the same problems...

  • Buying Insurance is complicated
  • The uncertainty of paying too much for your current coverage
  • You're leaving security,  protection and risk to chance
  • Nothing is clear because of information overload
  • Nobody has given you a customized plan
  • Google & YouTube University isn't working

Coliday has everything you need to cover your Insurance needs all in one place for a fraction of the time it takes other companies to provide similar services and programs.

Three Steps That Will Solve Your Most Pressing Problems

  • Risk of Not Having Coverage

  • Questionable Costs

  • No Plan for the Future

Risk Of Not Having Coverage

Coverage Made Simple

You're unsure of what coverage you actually need. To reduce risk and eliminate confusion, we listen to you. Then we design coverage options that precisely fit your goals. We strive to make the "shopping" process simple and efficient to enable you to provide the right amount of protection for you and your family.

Getting started couldn't be Easier

We take the frustration and aggravation out of providing protection for you and your family.
Our number one goal is to make sure you are 110% satisfied with our service.

Discovery Call

Book a call so we can get to know you and find out about your your interests, situation and coverage needs. 

Review Program Benefits

Based upon your prerequisites, we go over the best plans, costs, providers and carriers.

Enroll and Save

We prepare in advance so your enrollment process is fast, simple and easy. We guide you through every step of the process and take care of all details and follow ups.

We make working together easy

Coliday makes the process of buying health and life insurance and guaranteed income policies easier for you by delivering hands-on consultation and creating customized plans to fulfill your financial needs. Our agents advise on advantageous policy options and work with you to find offers from reputable carriers that fall within your budgets. Coliday also manages insurance policies, acting as a liaison to help you make changes to your plans, inquire about them, or make claims to receive attached benefits.

Clarity when making choices

Making the smart choices for your family is the top priority when choosing life & health insurance or guaranteed income options. It seems to get more complicated every year, which presents a problem.
You deserve the perfect plan for your diverse needs. Our solution is to present you only the best options from researching a variety of carriers and providers and explain the benefits of each plan. There is no additional cost for our expert service.


Our system uses proprietary software that scans countless options from dozens of carriers based upon your pre-defined goals and personal needs. The process is complicated but the results are extremely comprehensive, which makes choosing a plan fast and easy. It would be virtually impossible for you do this on your own. And now there is no reason to. We do it for you at no additional cost. It makes your purchasing experience simple.

Without expert input, making important decisions like this may have a less favorable outcome.
Over the past 20 years, I've met with thousands of people just like you. First, I listen to understand what's important to you. Second, I design the best program, pricing and plan to fit your personal directives. And third, I make the enrollment process quick, efficient and compliant to industry standards and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Together we'll find the right plan for you. Do not waste another minute trying to do this yourself.
Book a discovery call today.

Craig Colley Coliday Insurance & Consulting

Craig Colley, founded Coliday in 1981.
Craig is a licensed Insurance agent for Life, Annuities, LTC (Long Term Care), Medicare Health Plans and certified Social Security Advisor.
CA Lic. #0I48609 | FL Lic. # W74383085

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 3 organizations which offers 17 products in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options

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